How do you work in a research center?

por | 7 noviembre, 2017

The research centers are unknown and mysterious places for some and dreamy for others, but how is work really in these centers? Well, as everywhere, there is a hierarchy. There is always a person in charge of everything, but the form of management is not as close as that of a common company.

Normally in research centers such as Kalstein, there are several researchers who manufacture their projects with the intention of promoting them to large companies that could finance them. With these investigations it is sought to experiment looking for medical aids to eliminate, or at least to bend, diseases, also to know where they come from, however, the projects can also be archaeological, biological or social. Everything depends on what the researcher seeks.

At the head of these places, there will always be a qualified staff that is responsible for managing the funds for each investigation, in addition to dividing the work into projects that will then be carried out by its creator and some assistants who do the task a little more simple.

As you see, these are places where creativity, deep study and science are revealed, are the reason for the advance of technology, so they should not be underestimated. Never!