Taste traditional dishes that will make you feel at home with ours

por | 8 julio, 2017

The best food is always eaten at home, where mom knows the secret to cooking the most attractive dishes that will make us feel unique sensations. Casa Carmen is a restaurant that understands this to perfection, so do not insist that each dish is prepared with the love necessary to make them taste the same as the ones you enjoy at Mom’s house. To achieve that, it is not enough to have good food, but also a unique environment that will take you to the place where you grew up.

Casa Carmen understands perfectly the need to create a pleasant atmosphere for its customers, so they not only prepare good food, but invest in the best interior designers to create a unique room where people feel at home, with enough Confidence to have a pleasant conversation.

This restaurant is located in Paseo de Gracia, a place with a tremendous cultural richness that is why in this restaurant you can enjoy the best traditional Catalan food. If you are a tourist and want to know about Spanish and Catalan food, Casa Carmen is the best place in Barcelona to do it, with one of the most complete menus that also includes several international dishes. Go to Casa Carmen and enjoy de best food.